From the Switchboard

I won’t divulge the year I left school and started my working life as a Junior in a firm of solicitors in Liverpool but for those of you old enough to remember – I worked on an old PBX switchboard, where the board in front of me used to have numbers coming up – manually – and there were wires everywhere for transferring the calls. I sat with headphones on watching the board for calls. I also used a teletext machine and when I was promoted to Junior Typist I worked on an electric typewriter and we proof read every document! Ah the good old days! Who would have thought that over 40 years later I am now the Legal Administrator at Campion Solicitors, completely (and I used the term very lightly) au fait with the VOIP system and working on a computer which automatically checks my spelling and grammar. A much younger girl recently came to the office and commented that the fax machine was “sick” – but when I asked if she was feeling ok she explained
its “sic” which apparently means good. How times have changed!

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